Ritzy A Family of Sweet Wines Now Available

Capitalizing on a growing trend toward more thoughtfully produced, higher-end, sweet wines, we are very pleased to announce the first offering from Ritzy A Family of Sweet Wines.

The ease of drinkability in these wines have proven to be very popular with older consumers, which also have greater spending power than some other demographics. By overlaying these factors with a more intricately produced product, Ritzy provides sweet wine drinkers a more premium option, while remaining true to the characteristics these consumers have grown to love.

To place orders (distributors only), please contact Executive Bev sales director, Tracey Bauerlein at tracey@executivebev.com or by calling (201) 790-0251. Target retail for Ritzy A Family of Sweet Wines, Sweet Red is $12.99 (frontline) and $9.99 (promo) per bottle.