Holistic Health: An Emerging Consumer Trend

The previous two parts in this series have focused on experience as it relates to delivery and discovery trends prior to consumption. Part three explores how the millennial generation is setting expectations for a healthier standard of options available on bottle shop shelves, taking a holistic approach when consuming alcohol.

Though it would be misleading to allude to health benefits when talking about alcohol across categories, it’s impossible to ignore many of the innovations and choices now on tap in the industry. 

“Better-for-you beverages” have been fueled by brands’ need to satisfy younger generation, more health conscious, consumers.

Beth Bloom, market research firm Mintel’s associate director of U.S. food and drink, put it like this: “But instead of focusing just on low-fat or low-calorie products, this generation has a holistic view toward health. It’s OK for something to have fat. It just needs to be kind of whole ingredients.” It’s this holistic view that has created a market for low alcohol wines, hard kombuchas, zero sugar seltzers and many more dynamic options that would not have been accepted by previous generations.

“They’re open to those new and unique brands,” said Simon Gunzburg, an analyst at market research firm Euromonitor International. “They want to purchase brands that better align with their own values, whether it be their dietary nutrition preferences, sustainability, philanthropy, etc.”

These mindful individuals will choose the hundred calorie seltzer packed with antioxidants over the carb heavy beer every time. That choice is simply in line with their yoga-going, blog writing, clean eating lifestyle, that it’s a natural carryover when indulging in alcoholic beverages.

It’s a fine balance between self care, wellness and the ‘treat yo self’ mentality for holistic, younger generation drinkers. “Though consumers are looking for the natural, clean products, they still want to indulge, said Euromonitor analyst Gunzburg. “I think that the difference is that it’s a more conscious indulgence. It’s not indulging all the time.”

If an adult beverage can bring both buzzed escape and health conscious value to the table, that’s considered a home run for both the stimulated millennial and the alcohol brand eager to reach the vigilant bunch. 

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