Introducing Sandbar Wine Water

Executive Bev, exclusive sales-channel partner for brand creation agency, Boutique Bev, is pleased to announce the launch of Sandbar Fruit Punch and Sandbar Tropical Punch wine waters.

Sandbar Fruit Punch, made from cherry, grape, and blueberry and Tropical Punch, made from apple, peach, and grape, combine dry, fruit wine made from 100% real fruit and delicately blended with sparkling water to create a refreshing, light-alcohol profile featuring 5% ABV and available in 250ml (8.5oz) cans.

Target retail price for single cans is $2.49 per can.

Perfect for the pool, boat, or beach, Sandbar Fruit Punch and Tropical Punch are available and we encourage you to ORDER NOW by contacting Tracey Bauerlein, CSW, Sales Director for Executive Bev at